Best Inflatable SUP: Which One Is Perfect For You?

The market has a lot to show and offer. But the objective is to find the best inflatable SUP for you. The pick which truly suffices all of your needs and meets your budget. On this page you will find the ones we have found are the top-leading options.

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Why An Inflatable Paddle Board?

That’s the question: Why should you buy an inflatable paddle board? Below you will find the most relevant reasons:

  • If you live in a small space, like a tiny apartment, then an inflatable SUP is perfect for you. It’s easy to store and won’t occupy much space at all.
  • It’s very easy to carry and transport. Unlike other kinds of boards like the ones used for touring, these are super light, which makes them very practical. They can fit on any car, which solves an all-time blunder for paddlers who have small cars.
  • Perfect for whitewater paddle boarding. The best environment for this board are rivers.

Here you have a very good vision of the advantages of this board. But like I said in a previous opportunity, this kind of board is not suited for beginners. You can still use it for calm waters like a very calm sea or in a lake, but don’t you dare to do it on a river. You’re only inviting problems.

So here are some of the best inflatable SUP & their reviews:

The Affordable Pick: PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9′ 9″ Review

Best Inflatable SUP - Inflatable SUP Reviews

Not everybody has $500 USD ready to invest in a SUP. If you are in this exact position right now, then there’s nothing to worry about. Because you can get this best¬†inflatable SUP for less than $300 USD. Let’s quickly review its pros, cons and then a detailed review.


  • Very Affordable. For less than $300 it’s an awesome acquisition.
  • Complete Pack. You get the paddle, pump, bag and everything you need to start paddling. It also comes with a hook for your leash.
  • Very Easy To Use. You can inflate and deflate this SUP very easily that it barely takes a bit of time.


  • Paddle could be better. But for the price is very decent. You will only have to re-adjust every time.
  • You cannot use an electric pump with it.


It’s a very solid pick. It comes at a very affordable price, because often these boards can be very expensive, so for less than $300 USD we can say it’s a very nice deal. But what about the value offered?

Well, we have seen it has important pros. The first is the attractive pricing, but let’s go beyond that. You get the full pack, which will save you a lot of money. Buying the paddle, fin, pump and other things separately can increase the costs quite a lot.

It’s also surprisingly easy to use. It’s a real pain to have an inflatable stand-up paddle board which takes too long to inflate. Fortunately, you won’t experience this common blunder with this board. Guaranteed.

But what about stability, balance and other important features? First off, it’s quite large at 9.9 inches. It’s also 5 inches thick, which brings you a very decent stability and therefore balance. Even though balance is more a matter of skills, this board brings you the features needed for optimal balance.

It’s surprisingly durable. It’s made of PVC materials, which guarantee you a long-lasting SUP you can use over and over again without fear of damaging it. This is an investment that will stay with you for a long time.

And in the long-run it’s more affordable than keep renting a SUP any time you go to the river, beach or lake. $300 USD for such a decent and solid board is a very good price.

Just to finish. In our opinion it’s no the BEST inflatable SUP of this listing, but it’s a subjective statement. If you are in a very limited budget and would like to try this kind of board, then go ahead and get it. It will suffice all of your needs. Just remember to buy your own leash, because it doesn’t come included.

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Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 10’6″ & 6″ Thick Review:

Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 10 feet 6 inches & 6 inches Thick Review

Now it’s the turn to review this awesome SUP. This is a really complete board and we will discover why on the detailed review section. But for now let’s explore all of its pros and cons.


  • Great for Beginners and Easy to Learn. Due to the fact that this board comes with 3 fins it brings you even more stability than your typical SUP, which is perfect for newcomers to the sport.
  • Super Durable. If you want the best¬†inflatable SUP that lasts for a long time and is highly resistant to the weather, then this one is perfect for you.
  • Super Light-weight. At only 35 pounds it’s a very light-weight board.


  • A bit more expensive, around $550 USD.


This is a board which offers you all the features needed to practice your favorite sport regardless of your level of expertise. It’s perfect for beginners and so is for more advanced users. It’s especially good for whitewater paddle boarding. For the sole act of being inflatable is perfect for such variant, but thanks to being light-weight and having 3 fins, it’s even better.

Even though I do not recommend a beginner to pick a inflatable SUP, this one is very good for beginners as well. Thanks to the 3 fins it’s a lot more stable, but even there, I’d not buy this one if you don’t have at least some experience. But if you have problems with the storage, then go ahead and give this one a try.

Another major score for this board is that it’s highly durable. It’s something “odd” in an inflatable board, but we have to admit that most of them are made to last, but the Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 10’6″ & 6″ Thick stands out from the crowd. It’s highly durable and will stand very well the pass of the time and the usage.

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Isle Touring 12 6 Review:

Isle Touring 12 6

If you were looking for a superior-quality SUP, then you have just found it. Our previous picks are excellent as well, don’t get me wrong, but this one really breaks the mold. In other words: Its quality is out-standing. Just come with me and let’s check the pros and cons.


  • Super Stable. It’s perfect for fitness and yoga, thanks to its superior stability.
  • Super Durable. It’s 6-inch tick and is built with military-grade PVC.
  • Incredible Performance. It’s robust and stable, and also glides very well.


  • Problems at the hour of turning.
  • It’s not good for racing, because it’s kind of slow.


The Isle Touring 12 6 is a superior-quality board. As its name clearly suggests, it’s a board which has been especially crafted for touring purposes, but it can also be used for fitness and yoga.

It’s built with military-grade PVC, which guarantees you a board that won’t get damaged easily. You will keep dings and damage away from your SUP. It’s also important to mention that it’s 6-inch tick, which is another feature that enhances the durability of your SUP.

One of the features that stand out is that it’s ultra stable. You won’t find many boards like this one which share the same degree of stability. This is awesome, because you can spend more time paddling and moving forward than worrying about stability.

Now it can be a pro or a con for different people. In my opinion it’s a con, because I don’t like a board which goes too straight. The Isle Touring 12 6 goes VERY straight, therefore turning is more difficult than with an average SUP. But it’s up to the likes of every person, personally I wish it was easier to turn.

One of the biggest downsides of the Isle Touring 12 6 is that it’s not so fast. Therefore you should stay away from this one if you are looking for a racing SUP, because this one won’t help you. You will never achieve race-like velocities with this board.

And just to finish, I’m impressed that the paddle of this board is so good. Most of the time you have to buy a paddle on your own, because the one that comes with the board doesn’t cut it. But with this board you won’t have that problem.

In a nutshell: It’s a sturdy, ultra stable and super durable board that glides very well and goes very straight (a bit too much maybe). It’s perfect for touring, cruising, fitness and whitewater, but for racing it’s not enough, it fall shorts.

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Isle Explorer 11 Review:

Isle Explorer 11

Isle is one of the most popular and reputable brands in the world of paddle boarding. And right now we are going to review the Isle Explorer 11, another solid and excellent pick. Now come with me and discover the pros and cons about this board.


  • Ultra Stable. If you are looking for a sturdy and super stable board, then here you have it.
  • Very Easy To Paddle. A SUP that helps you, because it glides very well, making paddling a lot easier.
  • Dual Cargo System. This pick has been designed to carry lots of cargo without problems.


  • It’s not good for racing, because it’s too slow.


It’s one of the favorite boards in the market because it’s solid and very stable. This is something we could see in the Isle Touring 12 6, and it’s also present in this board. It’s highly stable because it’s built with military-grade PVC and is 6-inch thick.

If you need to carry a lot of cargo with you, then you will find great help and relief on the Isle Explorer 11. As its name clearly tells, it’s been designed and built for the explorer, therefore its dual cargo system comes in handy. You get a 6 D ring cargo system in the front and a 4 D cargo system in the back.

Even though it glides very well, it’s not as good as the Isle Touring on this aspect. Yet, it’s a lot more stable. I dare to say that this may be the most stable SUP in the market right now. For real, you won’t have to worry about falling down or losing stability not even for a second.

It’s not good for racing. It’s one of its biggest downsides. It doesn’t catch the speed that’s needed for racing. Therefore, if you are planning to use the Isle Explorer 11 with this objective in mind, then you will find yourself disappointed. It’s not been made for racing.

But this board has even more to offer. You know, one of the biggest problems with these boards is inflating them. It can be hard, boring and tiring. But with the Explorer 11 you won’t find such issue, because it’s very easy to inflate, so you can get it ready and start paddling as soon as possible.

I feel I need to be clearer regarding the inflation. It’s easy taking into account how sturdy the board is. It will take longer than a thinner SUP, but even there it’s quite fast and easy to inflate. It won’t take you much longer and in return you get a ultra-stable board ready for your adventures.

It’s also very light weight. At only 20 pounds it’s surprising it’s so sturdy and stable. Isle has done a very good job with this one. It’s light-weight, which makes it glide very well, and on top of that it’s sturdy enough to provide you with the stability that’s needed.
And thanks to this feature it’s even easier to transport. Inflatable SUPs are easy to transport and carry, but this one is exceptionally good on this aspect.

Overall it’s a very decent and solid pick. I would recommend it for beginners, because it’s so stable that you won’t have any problem paddling it. It’s a good pick for a person of any level of expertise, just remember that for racing it’s not so good.

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