BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard Review

Complete BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard Review and Analysis:

Bic Dura-Tec is one of the best SUPs in the market. And it’s surprising it to see this one into the group of the best cheap paddle boards. It’s not an iSUP, which is an advantage for those who want to get a rigid and hard board. On this page we will review it carefully, pointing out the advantages as well as the disadvantages.

For less than $450 (smallest size) it’s a great deal. Come with me and discover all about it.

bic dura-tec

Price: ~$$$USD

Pros: Super durable and resistant, outstanding stability, nice speed and glides very well

Cons: Does not come with paddle or any other add-on

Best for: Touring, cruising, whitewater (lakes), fitness, yoga, racing and surfing (non-competitive)

Not recommended for: Whitewater (rivers)

The Stability:

As I said in the summary, this board is known for being very stable. If you want a board which feels very well in the water, then this one will suffice all of your expectations, because it’s built to be super stable. You will experience this from the very first day.

In comparison to the vast majority of cheap paddle boards, this one offers a higher sense of stability and balance. Therefore it’s highly recommended for beginners, because you won’t worry about losing balance and falling off.

Its rugged polyethylene shell and polyurethane foam core make it super stable and durable. It’s important to mention this, because it’s hard to find boards in this price range including such a premium type of material.

Another major point is that, to the contrary of the vast majority in the cheap-price range, this one comes with a 3-fin system. And we know that this enhances stability. Therefore it’s another major point in favor of this SUP.

Due to being very stable you can use it even for yoga, which is incredible, because if you check our other reviews you will see that most SUPs which fall into the cheap range are not advisable for this type of activity. Fortunately, this one by BIC is awesome for yoga and fitness in general.

Even though it’s very stable, I’d not recommend it for whitewater paddle boarding in rivers. Because it’s easy to lose control for a beginner. Then, solely use it in lakes and the sea and you will be fine.

The version we are reviewing, which is 9-feet 10-inch long and 32-inch wide, as you can see has the right proportions to be considered stable. It’s a great board in terms of stability and I highly recommend it for beginners.

How Well Does It Glide? Is It Easy To Paddle?

From this group of boards we have reviewed this one is the easiest to paddle and the one which glides the best. Even though it’s not recommended for competition, it can be used for recreational surfing and racing.

Many racers use this SUP at the hour of exploring a new area or region, because it’s very durable and stands the hit of bumps very well. Therefore it’s even advisable for seasoned paddlers who are looking for a SUP they can use for exploring purposes, because racing SUPs are kind of fragile.

It tracks very well and stays on the direction you paddle. Therefore you won’t have much problem at all directing it onto the direction you want to go to. And as we have seen it’s very stable, which is another major point.

It handles waves surprisingly well. That’s why I said it can be used for recreational surfing, even though for competition purposes it may not cut it. And for general recreational purposes it’s more than excellent.

Just remember that it’s not appropriate for whitewater paddle boarding in rivers. Handling the current with this type of board is something only seasoned paddlers can do. Hence, if you are a beginner, you should stay away from these environments.

In conclusion: It glides very well. Just make sure to buy a good paddle, because it doesn’t include it. Its rugged polyethylene shell and polyurethane foam core along with its excellent design and construction make it one of the best cheap paddle boards in terms of gliding and ease of paddling.


The BIC DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard is designed for optimal and comfortable transport and carrying. Its ergonomic form allows you to carry it around without problems.

It may not be as easy to transport as an iSUP, but it’s still practical. You are just going to need to transport on the top of your car, secure it very well and that’s it.

It only weights 38 pounds. Even though there are lighter boards, this one is surprisingly lightweight if you take into account its sturdy and strong composition.

Therefore we can conclude that it’s easy to transport and carry around. And the best part is that you won’t have to spend time inflating it.

Who Should Buy the BIC DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard ?

It’s time to say what kind of person should buy this board. If you want to invest your money in something that’s worth it, then come with me and allow me to show you who will make the most out of this board.

Perfect for Exploring a New Area:

Racing boards are known for being super fast, but also fragile. In some cases just a little impact can be enough to break it off. If you want to avoid this situation in an area you know almost nothing about, then you have to explore it, and the Bic Dura-TEC is the perfect pick for it.

It’s highly durable and resistant, therefore it will stand the impacts like no other board in this price range.

The Best Recreational Board:

This entry-level board is the best pick for recreational purposes in our opinion. Because it’s fast enough to use it for surfing and racing as a recreation. Therefore it’s great for beginners, children and people who simply want to have a bit of fun riding it.

Exceptional for Fitness:

This board is exceptional for fitness. At the hour of riding it you will work all of your muscles, because as it’s heavier and sturdier than a racing or surfing board, you will have to use a bit more of strength and energy, therefore it’s highly recommended for fitness purposes.

And as I said in the beginning, it’s also advisable for yoga. It’s stable enough for you to practice this activity without problems.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Here you have it. This is what Bic Dura-TecĀ board can offer you. We have seen how stable it is, how durable it is and what kind of person should buy it. If you have question or doubt about this SUP, leave it below and I will get back to you.