ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Complete ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Review and Analysis:

Isle is a big name in the industry. It’s produced excellent boards like the Explorer 11 and the Touring 12 6. And on this opportunity, in the low-cost range, we find the Isle Classic soft top SUP. It’s nice to see that such a reputable and good brand has one of the best cheap SUPs in the market.

We all know that iSUPs can be cheaper than boards made of other materials, but this one breaks the norm. You’ll discover all about it in just a moments.

Isle classic soft top sup

Price: ~$$$ USD

Pros: Super solid and rigid, very stable and has great balance, easy to ride and paddle

Cons: Doesn’t go very fast, can get damaged easily if you don’t take care of it, has only one fin

Best for: Fitness, touring, cruising

Not recommended for: Racing, surfing, whitewater (rivers)

The Stability:

This board is stable. Other more expensive models are way more stable, but it’s fairly decent regarding this aspect. Let’s talk a look to its measures:

  • 5-inch thick
  • 9-feet 6-inch long
  • 31-inch wide

I wish it was a bit thicker, but it’s wide and long in the right proportions, which makes it a very stable board, that’s why I recommend it for beginners, a good sense of stability for a low price.

The materials used in this board allow it to float very well and be stable. The unique thing I have to criticize is that, once again, it only comes with 1 fin. It’d be much better if it included a 3-fin system, but for this price you will rarely find a SUP using it.

The good thing about Isle Classic soft top SUP board is that it handles waves very well, even though it’s not intended for surfing, it does its job nicely. But I’d not recommend it for whitewater except for lakes. I’d not dare to use it in rivers with a strong current.

In summary: A good degree of stability for a low price. Much more than what you could expect for such an affordable-priced SUP.

How Well Does It Glide? Is It Easy To Paddle?

It’s a soft-top SUP, remember it. Thanks to this it’s slightly faster than other models in the same price range. Even though reaching racing velocities is just a dream, you will move fairly fast with this board, just that it’s not made for competition.

Thanks to its great stability you won’t have a hard time riding it. Rather than worrying about falling off, you can focus on moving forward and just enjoying your time. And thanks to the fact that it keeps very well on track, you won’t have major difficulties riding it.

It performs the best in open sea and lakes. Just follow this important advice: Do not use it in rocky shoes. As it’s a soft-top SUP, it can get easily damaged, and the last thing you want is to your board to wear out too fast. Stay away from these environments and you are set for some great adventures while keeping your board safe.

It’s also important to mention that it stands quite a lot of weight. You can put up to 275 pounds on it without any problem at all.

In short: It glides and tracks very well. On top of that it’s easy to paddle. It may not be suited for competition, but for your personal use it’s excellent, especially if you are just starting off.


Unlike iSUPs, Isle Classic soft top SUPĀ is a bit trickier at the hour of transporting it. As you cannot simply inflate and deflate it as needed, you need to have the space necessary in your car to transport it, but you can always do it on the top.

It’s very light in fact: 24 pounds. It’s pretty much the same weight as most inflatable SUPs, therefore carrying it around won’t be tiring nor annoying.

The unique thing you must remember all the time is that Isle Classic soft top SUP is more fragile. You should transport it carefully every single time. Always watch out how you transport it, because the last thing you want is to damage it.

Who Should Buy the ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board ?

Now it’s time to give an answer to this important question. Is this board the right one for you? Don’t let your money go to waste and discover what kind of people will get the most out of this board.

Best for Open Sea:

If you want to have a nice time riding on the open sea, then Isle Classic soft top SUP board brings you the chance to do it at a low cost. You can use most iSUPs in the open sea, but this one has been especially designed for this purpose.

If you are a beginner who lives near to the sea and would like to get your first SUP at a low cost, then here you have a really good option. It’s stable and will handle the waves and typical movement of the water very well.

It’s not intended for racing or surfing, but you can achieve a good speed and handle some waves nicely.

Excellent for Lakes:

Riding your SUP in a lake is truly wonderful. It allows you to delight yourself with the beautiful scenario. It’s perfect for lakes, because the water is calm and the conditions excellent. It’s also a good place to practice when you are a beginner.


If you are looking to work out, then paddling is a good way to do it. It can give your core a very nice training and make you burn fat and become truly fit. This board can be used for these purposes, although, I’d not do yoga on this one.

But if you just want to work out, then this board will suffice all of your needs. You can take it for granted.

Conclusion and Final Words:

In conclusion: Isle Classic soft top SUP board is worth its price. The unique downside is that it can get easily damaged in rocky shores. But past that point, this board does a very good job for its price. Therefore, I strongly recommend it for beginners, because seasoned riders won’t find it to be to their level.