Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard Review

Complete Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard Review and Analysis:

Extra-long, highly durable and strong. These are the words which better define the Solstice Bali SUP. On this new page we will review it together. It’s a fairly affordable option for you. I’ll point out the bright and dark sides of this board, because you deserve to know it all.

This is one of the best cheap stand-up paddle boards the market has to offer, and you are going to see that it’s more than an affordable price-tag. It’s a bit more than $400USD but also has a great value.

Solstice Bali SUP

Price: ~$$$ USD

Pros: Extra long (10-feet 8-inch), strong and rigid, highly durable, fairly stable

Cons: Doesn’t include paddle, only has 1 fin

Best for: Cruising, fitness, touring, whitewater paddle boarding

Not recommended for: Racing, surfing, yoga

The Stability of Solstice Bali SUP:

I have to say that this iSUP is fairly stable. It may not be as stable as other more expensive models, but for the price it performs very well. But why? It’s largely due to its construction in reinforced PVC. This also makes it highly durable despite being an inflatable SUP.

In comparison to the Vilano Journey this one is more stable, and therefore it’s suitable for whitewater paddleboarding even in rivers. This board is very versatile, but remember that very rough conditions may not be suitable for this board, in other words: Rivers with too strong currents or the open sea with big waves.

It’s a cool option for beginners. A common issue with many iSUPs, especially cheap ones, is that they kind of buckle in the middle. Fortunately, the Solstice Bali doesn’t present this problem. It’s very durable and solid, it feels like an authentic hardboard.

In terms of stability I have to conclude that it’s decent and will be great for any beginner. It may not suit the needs of a surfer or someone who wants to paddle in rivers with strong and changing currents, but for the average paddler who’s just starting off or simply wants to have some fun for a low price, it’s more than enough.

The unique thing I didn’t like is that it only comes with one fin. If it had come with 3 fins, it’d have been even more stable. But even with this flaw, it’s still a very good board which delivers a sick amount of value for its low price.

How Well Does It Glide? Is It Easy To Paddle?

This board glides very well, therefore it’s suitable for cruising, touring and fitness. It’s not good with strong currents or big waves though, that’s why I clearly say it’s not good for surfing.

But what about speed? A cheap board like this one could never compete with a professional and more expensive SUP made for racing. Therefore this board is not intended for such purpose, but even there, it can reach a fairly decent speed, which makes it very exciting to ride it.

Thanks to its impressing stability and hard surface you won’t have much problem at the hour of riding it. It takes a bit to get used to it, but it’s normal with every single board out there. Once you get some practice with it, it will become second-nature to paddle on it.

It can handle moderately choppy water without problems. The issue comes when we talk about big waves and a very rough environment. This is when this board starts presenting problems, because as I said before, it’s not been designed for this.

In a nutshell: It glides very well in the conditions it’s been designed for. If you are just looking for a fun ride or a board that allows you to build experience in this sport, then this Solstice Bali SUP is perfect for you.

Transport and Inflation:

I’ve said it several times in previous reviews. Solstice Bali SUP boards are insanely easy to transport and store. This is one of the main reasons people buy them in fact. Therefore, if you want a board which is easy to transport and store, then this one will fit those purposes very well.

This SUP comes with its own pump. It takes some minutes to get it inflated. In comparison to other thinner options it can take a bit longer, but it’s due to the reinforced PVC it’s built with. Just a little downside you have to pay for enhanced durability and protection.

And the good thing about this board is that, if you don’t feel like inflating it manually, then you can simply use an electric pump and you will have it ready to go in a timely manner. A very good advantage.

It also comes with its own bag, so you can transport it once it’s deflated. And if you please you can leave it inflated the whole time. This is something many persons do, because inflating and deflating your SUP can be a bit tiring and boring.

Who Should Buy the Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard ?

Now it’s time to check what kind of person should buy it. It’s not suitable for everyone, that’s why I want to prevent you from committing a mistake.

First-time Buyers/Beginners:

If you are just starting off, then it does not make any sense to buy a very expensive board, especially when you do not have any experience and don’t really know if you will like this sport in the long run.

That’s why I recommend you to start low-cost, and this board is the perfect way to accomplish so. It provides you with pretty much all you need to get a solid foundation as a beginner.

For Fun and Recreation:

If all you want is a board you can use for fun and recreational purposes like cruising or touring, then you should look forward to trying this board. It’s also very good for lakes. It’s very solid and rigid, therefore you will get plenty of confidence at the hour of riding it.

It can also be used in rivers, the unique thing to consider is that the current should not be too strong. It’s also ideal for fitness and people who want to work out in a fun and effective way.

Conclusion and Final Words:

A good pick. The unique downside is that it doesn’t include a paddle. After that, for its price, it’s a solid purchase. It’s got plenty of stability and glides very well. In a nutshell: I highly recommend Solstice Bali SUP board for its low price and for beginners.